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Hayley Tattersall

Job position: Operations Director

Hayley plays a pivotal role as Operations Director, overseeing day-to-day operations with precision and dedication. This role follows over a decade at the company with significant milestones, from her early days in HR to managing intricate customer relationships, and from navigating complex accounting matters to ensuring robust company governance.

Hayley has an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, always advocating for their interests. She is also committed to the preservation of the family run company culture. This includes fostering a sense of belonging among staff, treating each team member as an extension of the family. 

She believes in a caring and empathetic environment where employees feel comfortable approaching senior management in times of need. Through respect, autonomy and an open-door policy that encourages staff to voice their opinions, she empowers employees to excel. This in turn nurtures an environment of continuous improvement, collaboration and high performance. Ultimately, this approach ensures the best possible outcomes for Retirement Line's valued customers.

Beyond her professional life, Hayley finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends, indulging in her passion for cooking and entertaining.

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