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Tony Jarman

Job position: Annuity Consultant

Tony is a well-established member of Retirement Line’s Annuity Guidance Team, which specialises in helping people set up guaranteed retirement income with an annuity. It’s a role he has enjoyed for over eight years, gaining satisfaction in particular from helping people better understand their options and how annuities work.

He says: “People may have contributed to their pension savings for decades, and yet they might be largely in the dark about how to turn their savings into income. It’s incredibly rewarding to demystify things and present people with a clear view of the income an annuity could provide.”

During his time with us, Tony has built lasting relationships with a number of his customers. He is always very proud when customers return to him when further pension pots become available to them, or when their family or friends need similar assistance.  

Many of Tony’s customers also keenly follow the progress of his son, Jake, who has developed from a promising young gymnast to a multiple World, European and Commonwealth champion.  Specialising in the vault event, Jake is now a firmly established member of Team GB, thanks in no small part to Tony’s tireless support and encouragement.

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