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How are your annuity rates calculated?

The amount of income you will receive in retirement depends on a number of factors

Many people ask us how their annuity rates are calculated. There is nothing complicated about it, and working out how much annuity income you could secure for your retirement is a transparent and relatively straightforward process.

The annuity rates you will be offered depend on a number of factors. These are:

  • The size of your pension fund – the money you have been saving with your pension company/ies
  • Current annuity pricing – the market conditions when you take out your annuity
  • Your age and postcode – how old you are and where in the UK you live
  • The annuity options you choose – the way you decide to arrange how, when and to whom your annuity income is paid
  • Your health and lifestyle – your current and previous state of health and lifestyle choices


Maximising the value of your annuity

It is important to discuss your annuity choices with experienced Annuity Specialists such as Retirement Line. In particular, this means sharing with us all your health and lifestyle conditions. These could significantly increase the annuity income you will receive in your retirement. Read more about enhanced annuities here.

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