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Case Studies

Real life examples of how we help people like you secure a higher annuity rate

Here are just a few real stories of people* who requested an annuity quote from Retirement Line, arranged an annuity through Retirement Line, and received a higher annuity rate thanks to Retirement Line. Get your free, no obligation annuity quote from Retirement Line today, and take the first step to a higher annuity income of your own.

Mr Cartwright, 66

Mr Cartwright chose a conventional joint lifetime annuity to ensure financial stability for his wife should he pass away first.

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Mr Plowman

Mr Plowman, 60

Mr Plowman opted for a fixed term annuity, taking a tax-free lump sum now, without further annuity income while still in employment.

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Mrs Clift

Mrs Clift, 63

Mrs Clift deferred her decision to take out an annuity until after the result of the EU referendum, a choice she later regretted. 

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Mr Thompson

Mr Thompson, 67

Mr Thompson qualified for an enhanced annuity, securing 33% more income than he could through a conventional annuity.

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Mr Worrall

Mr Worrall, 66

Mr Worrall decided an enhanced annuity would best suit his needs and found a competitive annuity income for his three pension pots.

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Case study 1

£1,384 extra annual annuity income
45.4% increase
Age 62, Mr Frey had suffered two heart attacks. His enhanced annuity gave him a lump sum of £22,394.25 and a guaranteed annual annuity income of £4,432.72 for life – 45.4% higher than a conventional annuity.1

Colin Frey, LeedsJust


Case study 2

Qualified as smoker
35.2% increase
As a smoker, 55 year old Mr Melrose qualified for an enhanced annuity which gave him a guaranteed annual annuity income of £1,990.32 for life – 35.2% higher than a conventional annuity.1

Jim Melrose, GlasgowJust


Case study 3

£2,717 extra annual annuity income
72.4% increase
Age 66, Mr Lewis is a smoker and had suffered heart problems. His enhanced annuity gave him a guaranteed annual income of £6,470.16 for life – 72.4% higher than a conventional annuity.1

Roger Lewis, Cornwall LOGO Retirement Advantage


Case study 4

Over 150% increased annuity income
150.12% increase
71 year old Mrs Plant has motor neurone disease. Her enhanced annuity gave her a cash sum of £11,048.54 and a guaranteed annual income of £4,736.00 for life – 150.12% higher than a conventional annuity.1

Susan Plant, Leicester LOGO LV


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* Please note names have been changed to protect our clients' identity.
¹ compared to the lowest open market conventional annuity.


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