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Mr Green secures a fixed term annuity at an attractive rate 

Mr Green

When David Green decided to take early retirement, he started looking at his options in detail. It became clear that a fixed term annuity was the right choice for him, but he needed help to be sure of the best outcome.

David’s situation

David knew that he would receive valuable benefits from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. But a separate scheme arranged through a pension provider required attention.

The provider offered options about what to do when the fund became available. David’s preference was to use the fund to buy an annuity to secure a guaranteed level of income.

“I already had some money invested on the stock market,” he says. “But for this pot of money, I wanted regular, guaranteed income instead of depending on fund performance. However, I wasn’t impressed with the income level offered by the provider.”

How Retirement Line helped

David continues: “I went online to look at who else could arrange an annuity and found Retirement Line. I’m naturally cautious so I checked their details on Companies House and found everything was in order.

“When I phoned and spoke to Sam, one of their Annuity Specialists, I was very impressed with the information I received. She didn’t give me advice, but made it clear that she would present information from various annuity providers. It would be up to me to make a decision. I liked that because it meant I wouldn’t be pressured into anything.”

David chose a fixed term annuity: “This works for me because it will give me a regular income for ten years, at which time other pensions will kick in.”

“It was clear that a fixed term annuity would be the right option. I went ahead with the best offer and I’m delighted with the income I receive.” 

A positive outcome

David also approached a competitor of Retirement Line. Although they initially acted in a professional manner, there were subsequent delays in getting information, so he decided to go with Retirement Line.

“Sam was both knowledgeable and friendly,” he says. “I soon felt like we were building a relationship and working towards a good solution.

“I really liked Sam’s very thorough approach. She presented me with quotations from six annuity companies and it was clear that a fixed term annuity would be the right option for me. I went ahead with the best offer and I’m delighted with the income I receive.”

David’s experience

David was impressed with the service: “Once I had confirmed my preferred annuity to Sam, she brought in her colleague Andrew to manage the administration. He took care of everything until I started to receive my income. Everything was so professional.

“Soon afterwards an additional personal pension came to maturity and I went straight to Retirement Line to arrange another annuity. I had such a good experience the first time, I had no hesitation going back. When other pensions mature I’ll ask Retirement Line to help again.”

Are you considering purchasing an annuity?

Mr Green is just one of thousands of clients we've helped to maximise their retirement income through an annuity purchase. As the UK’s largest specialist pension annuity intermediary*, Retirement Line is well placed to help you shop around to find the best deal.

We compare quotes from all the top annuity providers on your behalf, to help you get the best rate and the highest income for your retirement. 

Call our annuity specialists free on 0800 652 1316, or email us at

*Equifax Touchstone pension income and annuity sales figures 2018-2020

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