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Enhanced Annuity Rates & Providers

Up to 75% more annuity income than a standard conventional annuity

An enhanced annuity is a type of conventional annuity. It is also known as an impaired life annuity. The difference is that an enhanced annuity takes into consideration important information about your health and lifestyle to provide you with a more individual annuity. Certain specialist enhanced annuity providers such as Just are prepared to pay people who qualify up to 75% more annuity income than available through a standard conventional annuity as they don’t expect these people to live as long as someone with a clean bill of health. 

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Will you qualify for an enhanced annuity?

It’s estimated that around 60% of people qualify for an enhanced annuity. There are around 1,500 different conditions which are relevant. These range from moderate health and lifestyle conditions such as high cholesterol, smoking, excess weight and alcohol consumption to conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Even certain post codes or occupations qualify.

Importance of disclosing your health and lifestyle conditions

To increase your annuity rates in retirement through an enhanced annuity, it is important to disclose any health conditions, medications and treatments you were or are undergoing, however minor you may think these are. The same for lifestyle choices – such as smoking and alcohol consumption. They could all help increase your annuity income in retirement.

Applying for an enhanced annuity involves medical underwriting, where the annuity provider will carry out an assessment of your life expectancy based on the medical details you have disclosed. They may also request to see your medical records or, sometimes with larger cases, they may ask you to attend a medical examination.

Amount of additional annuity income you could receive for health conditions that are:

Minor ¹ up to 20% more
Moderate ² up to 40% more
Severe ³ up to 75% more

If you are unsure whether you will qualify for an enhanced annuity, one of our Annuity Specialists will be happy to help on 0800 652 1316. We do not ask you to complete any lengthy medical forms or lifestyle questionnaires, one of our Annuity Specialists will be able to detail your health and lifestyle conditions for our specialist enhanced annuity providers to provide you with a more personal annuity quote.


  • Inflation will reduce a level annuity over time. Escalating annuities provide a lower starting income, e.g. if escalating at 3% per annum, approximately 33% lower than a level annuity.
  • A single life annuity has no death benefits unless the appropriate option is included.
  • No opportunity to participate in future investment returns.
  • Once in force, the annuity contract cannot be changed.


  • Secure level of income for life, allowing you to budget more accurately. 
  • Benefits for your spouse or any nominated beneficiary on your death, if selected.
  • No investment decisions nor investment risk involved.
  • Improved enhanced rates if you have qualifying medical conditions or lifestyle issues

¹ Based on an individual who currently smokes
² Based on an individual with heart disease
³ Based on an individual who suffers from motor neurone disease

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