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What is an annuity?

An annuity turns your pension pot into income for your retirement

An annuity converts the money in your pension pot into a guaranteed retirement income. It pays to choose the annuity that’s right for you, because this can dramatically affect how much annuity income you receive.

It also pays to shop around when arranging an annuity, because annuity rates vary widely between different annuity providers.

Retirement Line specialises in arranging annuities for people throughout the UK and we deal with the major annuity providers.

The three main types of annuity

There are many different types of annuity, but the main ones we offer are conventional annuities, enhanced annuities and fixed term annuities.

You can compare these different types of annuity here.

Looking for the best annuity rates?

Depending on your lifestyle and medical history, you might qualify for an enhanced annuity which provides you with a higher annuity income in retirement than a conventional annuity.

An enhanced annuity arranged through Retirement Line can give you up to 75% more annuity income compared to the lowest conventional annuity. It is estimated around 60% of people qualify for an enhanced annuity. There are around 1,500 different conditions which are relevant. These range from moderate health and lifestyle conditions such as high cholesterol, smoking, excess weight and alcohol consumption to conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Even certain post codes and occupations qualify.

Call Retirement Line today. Because we specialise in annuities you can rest assured you’re dealing with annuity experts.

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