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Best Annuity Rates

It pays to shop around

You could get a better deal by comparing annuity quotes with Retirement Line

Many people don’t realise it, but you can take your pension pot away from your existing pension provider to get better annuity rates elsewhere. Just accepting their annuity offer can be an expensive mistake. With our help, you can get up to 75% higher annuity income than that paid by a conventional annuity through your pension company.

Your right to choose

Another important consideration is that pension companies may only offer a standard annuity - one type of annuity means no choice for you. By shopping around you can consider different annuity types, such as enhanced annuities and fixed term annuities, each of which could be more suited to your needs and provide you with a higher annuity income.

We make your life easier

By looking at different annuity providers, you can compare different annuity quotes and get the best annuity rates. You can also choose different options within your annuity and make the most of your right to arrange an annuity that better suits your needs. Best of all, get an annuity quote from Retirement Line and we do all the leg work for you – leaving you to simply decide which annuity is right for you. Shopping around means making the most of your freedom to choose – and arranging an annuity that could pay you a much higher annuity rate.

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