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How frequently do you want your annuity income to be paid?

You can choose for your annuity income to be paid monthly or less often

You can normally arrange for your annuity income to be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. You can also choose to be paid in advance (ahead of the period) or in arrears (at the end of the period).

Your choice affects how much annuity income you receive

It’s important to remember that whatever the frequency of your annuity payments, you will receive the highest annuity income if you choose to be paid in arrears, rather than in advance. It’s also true that you will get a higher annuity income by choosing to be paid annually in arrears than you would monthly in arrears. Ask one of our Annuity Specialists to provide you with annuity quotations illustrating the different amounts payable for the various annuity payment frequencies.  

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