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Up to 75% more annuity income for your clients
A first class annuity service for you


Retirement Line (formally Annuity Line) is the UK's largest annuity broker*. We convert over £100 million of pension funds into annuity income each year. This volume of annuity business entitles us to the highest preferential annuity rates, which means we can offer higher annuity income to your clients, and an attractive introducer fee to you.

No restrictions on annuity choice. To ensure your clients get access to the UK’s best annuities, we constantly update our annuity panel. This means you don’t have to worry about your clients being restricted on annuity choice. Your clients have a choice of the best annuity rates from the UK’s leading annuity providers including Aviva, Canada Life, Just, Hodge Lifetime, Legal & General, LV and Scottish Widows. This annuity panel is constantly monitored to ensure the best annuity rates are always offered.

First-class annuity service. Arranging pension annuities is all we do. Our IT development team ensures our annuity systems and processes are efficient and effective, keeping our operational costs down whilst enhancing the level of service we provide. We have the annuity experience, expertise and professionalism that enables our IFAs and Introducers to trust us with their annuity clients’ best interests.

We provide everything you are looking for from a non-advised, specialist annuity brokering service:

  • Better annuity choice. We provide annuity quotes from the leading annuity providers.
  • Wide choice of annuity types. We provide a choice of fixed term annuities as well as conventional annuities and enhanced annuities.
  • We save you time. For you, there’s no time consuming fact find, CQF completion, annuity quote retrieval and annuity application processing.
  • 100% annuity specialism. Arranging annuities is all we do. We offer specialist annuity expertise and experience, and will not cross sell other products to your clients.
  • Total administration service. A total ‘start to finish’ annuity administration service removes all the burden from you – we do all the annuity paperwork.
  • Compliance risk removed. We carry all the compliance risk, and we keep your clients informed every step of the way to minimise potential complaints.
  • Generous introducer fees. Such is the extent of the work we undertake on your behalf, your annuity referral payment is essentially ‘pure profit’, with no requirement for you to be involved following your introduction, and no cost to you for using our  annuity service.
  • Delighted clients. Most important of all, we make sure your clients are delighted – with us, with you, and with your introduction to Retirement Line!

*Equifax Touchstone pension income and annuity sales figures 2017-2020