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  • FCA Review Findings Published12/06/2017

    The review of the Pension and Retirement Income market raised the issues that clients are facing following the pension reforms.

  • Your Annuity One-Stop Shop23/02/2017

    Retirement Line conveniently offers IFAs access to a panel of leading providers through our innovative annuity portal, providing guaranteed annuity quotations in minutes.

  • This month’s annuity news plus TWO special offers18/11/2016

    This month we have been talking about two special offers available with Retirement Line (but hurry, they both end on 31 st December 2016!), rising annuity rates, and the government withdrawing plans for a secondary annuity market.

  • Annuity clients concerned about rates?19/09/2016

    If you have clients approaching retirement, falling annuity rates are likely to be at the forefront of their minds as the Bank of England cut base rates to a record low.

  • Annuity enquiries up by 105% year on year16/08/2016

    Retirement Line has released first half year figures for 2016, revealing how UK retirees are responding to market changes in the wake of pension freedoms and the shock Brexit result.

  • How could Brexit affect annuity decisions?19/07/2016

    It has been well documented that, since the EU referendum result, annuity rates have dropped across the market. Clients may be wondering what effect falling rates could have on their future income, and what – if anything – they can do to reduce the impact.

  • Do your clients understand the cost of delay?21/06/2016

    The last quarter of 2015 saw retirees flooding back to the ‘safe haven’ of annuities following the falls in stock markets underpinning many drawdown funds, demonstrating that certainty and minimal risk have remained key priorities for those ready to arrange their retirement income.

  • Earn up to 70% of our commission – limited time only!04/05/2016

    Retirement Line have just launched our introducer fee special offer, enabling you to earn up to 70%* of the commission we receive – all you have to do is refer!

  • Could the EU referendum affect your clients’ rates?29/04/2016

    Next month’s referendum on whether Britain is to remain in the European Union is causing much debate and in some cases, concern, for many of the UK’s prospective retirees.

  • Why do 2,500 IFAs already choose Retirement Line?21/03/2016

    When it comes to referring your annuity clients, choosing who to trust is an important decision.

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