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Retirement Line backs government support for the Pensions Dashboards project

Retirement Line backs government support for the Pensions Dashboards project

Retirement Line has welcomed the recent publication by the Department for Work and Pensions of a feasibility report relating to Pensions Dashboards. It had at one time seemed to some observers that the Dashboards project had been deprioritised by government, but it now appears to be on course once again.

The feasibility report follows October’s announcement of £5 million extra funding for the Dashboards initiative. Now there will be an eight-week consultation period. Retirement Line will play a role in this, providing our response to a number of areas raised by the DWP.

Retirement Line is in fact already involved in the project, with our IT and Administration Manager, Mark Ormston, among members of the Origo Process and Standards group. Mark says:

“There is huge potential for Pensions Dashboards to enable UK pension savers to make better decisions about retirement planning. Too many people lose track of their pension savings, and many overestimate the level of retirement income they are likely to receive.

“We fully support the consultation and we are working hard on making a valuable contribution to it with a detailed submission.”

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The launch of effective Pensions Dashboards will, we hope, improve the likelihood of consumers enjoying better retirement outcomes. This is something Retirement Line is committed to and we have helped thousands of people to secure guaranteed income through an annuity.

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