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Retirement Line’s annuity service featured in Which? Money magazine

Retirement Line’s annuity service featured in Which? Money magazine

Which? Money magazine is a valuable resource for financially-savvy consumers who rely on it for trusted information. It was therefore encouraging for Retirement Line to see that we were featured in a very positive light in the October 2018 edition.

In the ‘Money Clinic’ section of the October 2018 edition, the magazine featured a question from Mr Beattie of Crawley. He raised his recent experience arranging an annuity, explaining that he had obtained an annuity quote from an intermediary.

He wrote:

“I then stumbled across Retirement Line, and its equivalent service found an annuity from the same provider that offers more income. How can this happen?”

Mr Beattie is of course not alone in finding that some intermediaries are able to obtain better annuity rates from providers than others, on a case-by-case basis. In this instance, Michael Tomlinson of Which? replied with an explanation:

“You told us that Retirement Line asked more questions about your health, and as a result it found you an enhanced annuity. These work on the basis that you’ll have a shorter life expectancy than someone in better health. They will therefore pay out more each year than standard annuities. The boost to your income depends on your condition.”

An enhanced annuity means more income

Mr Beattie is one of thousands of Retirement Line clients who have secured more retirement income through an enhanced annuity.

We believe that Retirement Line is especially successful in securing the best enhanced annuity rates because our Annuity Specialists ask the right searching questions about our clients’ health and lifestyle. This is made possible by our ongoing investment in underwriting training.

This was what enabled Mr Beattie to achieve a higher income level than may have otherwise been possible. He told us: “I was very pleased when I rang Retirement Line and spoke with Denise Hyland. After answering her questions, especially on my current state of health, she said that I may be entitled to an enhanced annuity. When I received the quotation, it was for a higher amount than had been quoted by another annuity intermediary.” 

Enabling your clients to access the best annuity rate

When it comes to helping your clients make the right annuity choice, Retirement Line makes life easy for you and your annuity clients. We help nearly 2,000 annuity enquirers every month and are very often able to secure a better retirement income for them. For example, of those interested in a lifetime annuity, over 80% qualify for an enhanced annuity with higher income.

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