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Wesleyan choose Retirement Line as its annuity partner


Retirement Line is delighted to announce that Wesleyan is now referring its customers to Retirement Line if they are looking to buy an annuity. Wesleyan cite our ability to provide its customers with ‘the most competitive rates in the market’ as an important feature of the partnership.

Wesleyan’s decision to partner with Retirement Line was driven by the fact that it didn’t offer enhanced annuities. Recognising that most people looking to buy an annuity qualify for an enhanced annuity due to health or lifestyle reasons, it chose Retirement Line due to our specialist capability in this area.

Retirement Line CEO David Slater says: “This is fantastic news for both companies, but even better news for Wesleyan’s customers. It is the perfect example of a company recognising that we can produce excellent outcomes for their customers.

“Wesleyan chose to partner with us because we can obtain attractive annuity rates, complemented by outstanding customer service and administration efficiency. I’m very excited about the value we will add to Wesleyan and its customers in the years ahead.”

Communicating with its customers about the partnership, Wesleyan said: “Our customers are in safe hands with Retirement Line. Known as 'the best annuity broker on the market', the service boasts an impressive customer service Trustpilot score of 9.9/10!” (You can read Wesleyan’s announcement of the partnership here.)

Enabling your clients to access the best annuity rate

When it comes to helping your clients make the right annuity choice, Retirement Line makes life easy for you and your annuity clients. We help over 2,000 annuity enquirers every month and are very often able to secure a better retirement income for them. For example, of those interested in a lifetime annuity, over 80% qualify for an enhanced annuity with higher income.  

Once the annuity purchase is complete, Retirement Line pays you an attractive share of commission as an Introducer Fee: please see our Annuity Introducer Fees page, call us on 0800 1444 777 or email

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