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Why do 2,500 IFAs already choose Retirement Line?

When it comes to referring your annuity clients, choosing who to trust is an important decision.

It isn’t just your client’s safety that you need to consider. By seeking the assistance of a trusted and well-known specialist in retirement income like Retirement Line, your client will receive expert information, access to preferential rates and a first-class service. And you? You can enjoy generous introducer payments coupled with peace of mind, knowing your client is in the very best of hands.

So when you choose to refer to Retirement Line, what exactly can you and your client expect?

A specialist service

Retirement Line is the UK's largest broker specialising in annuities alone*, it is all we do, and our specialists really know their stuff. If your client is looking to buy an annuity, they can benefit from our preferential rates due to the volume of business we introduce to the UK’s leading annuity providers including Just Retirement, LV and Aviva. And because we do not offer any other services, we will not cross-sell other products to your clients.

Knowledgeable service

Retirement Line’s consultants are highly experienced and have been professionally trained to very high standards. They are experts in the field of retirement income, providing specialist information and arranging all types of annuities including investment linked, fixed term, conventional and enhanced. They will also check your client’s existing pensions for any hidden benefits or penalties.

More ‘enhanced’ qualifications

Did you know that 86.69% of Retirement Line’s clients qualify for enhanced terms? Due to the knowledge of our highly skilled team, our underwriting expertise and the searching medical questions we ask, Retirement Line is better equipped than others to pick up on medical conditions that could secure your client a bigger income for life.

Hassle-free and straightforward

Our specialists explain everything in a jargon-free language that clients clearly understand. We welcome questions throughout the process and will provide a direct number for your client’s dedicated consultant, so either of you can call whenever you need to speak to us. If your client decides to proceed with our quotation then we will take care of everything, handling the application process and all the paperwork whilst keeping your client regularly updated.

No pressure

At Retirement Line we want your client to feel empowered and well-informed throughout their retirement income journey. Our specialists will provide all the information they need to make the right decision for their individual circumstances, and they can take as much time as is needed to come to their decision, there is never any pressure to proceed. 

Total administration service

There is no requirement for you to be involved following your introduction – but you are most welcome to if you and your client wish, and you will continue to have full client ownership. Our referral service will save you an enormous amount of time; no time-consuming fact finds, CQF completions, quote retrievals or application processing, and all the compliance risk is removed for you too.

Generous introducer payments

When you refer an annuity client to Retirement Line you will receive a generous introducer fee when your client proceeds to purchase an annuity through Retirement Line. Such is the extent of the workload we remove from you (see above), our payment to you is essentially ‘pure profit’. 

So why wait any longer? Make sure you are registered to refer your annuity clients to Retirement Line today and get started. You will soon see why 2,500 IFAs already make us their referral partner of choice!

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*based on turnover

A first class service for your clients

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