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With the pool of annuity providers in the market reducing over the last year and some leading providers restricting to whom they will provide quotations, it has become harder than ever for IFAs who are seeking the highest competitive guaranteed instant quotes - especially for enhanced annuities which account for the majority of annuities sold.

Frustrating enhanced quotation processes

Standard conventional and fixed term annuity quotes can be easily accessed by IFA’s using various portals but it is more difficult to obtain the most competitive enhanced quotes through these portals, especially on guaranteed terms.

In order to get an enhanced quote, the providers require you to complete and send them a CQF (an ill-health form) specifying your clients’ medical conditions and/or lifestyle issues. This will normally be manually underwritten and quotes can then take the providers’ standard turn-around time to reach you - from a couple of days to as long as 2 weeks. By the time the last quote arrives, the first quotes from the faster response providers may be out of date! Some portals only give the option of entering basic medical information, this may result in you receiving impersonal indicative quotes. Worse still, your client could be missing out on higher income by not being able to send all the relevant medical information.

It can be a frustrating and potentially lengthy process.

All of this means the enhanced quotations that are received by the IFA may not be as competitive as they otherwise could be.

A comprehensive referral service

Retirement Line are the UK’s largest broker specialising in annuities alone* and offer you a solution to this problem through their annuity portal with XML links to the UK’s leading annuity providers providing a fast and efficient annuity service for your clients.

Thanks to our bespoke in-house annuity portal, IFAs wishing to receive free instant competitive quotations on guaranteed terms and a first-class service for their clients need look no further. As a non-advised annuity service, we are still permitted to receive commission on completed annuity cases, a percentage of which is passed on to you in the form of our generous introducer fees.

Retirement Line’s ‘one-stop shop’ for annuity referrals enables you to promote a fast and efficient annuity service for your clients, with quotations available from the Portal in as little as 5 – 10 minutes!

When you refer your clients to us, our specialist team will contact them directly to discuss their needs and ensure the correct information is gathered to achieve the most competitive quotes.

For enhanced annuity quotes, our consultants are regularly trained by the UK’s leading enhanced annuity providers to extract the most relevant medical details and complete our online CQF which is accepted by all the UK’s leading enhanced providers. In the vast majority of cases, this information results in us receiving the highest instant guaranteed quotes giving your clients a bigger income for life.

Our highly-innovative annuity portal compares all the annuity products for your client with instant free quotes, direct from a wide range of providers.

From there we will…

  1. Generate as many further quotes as the client requires
  2. Provide all the information they require to make an informed decision
  3. Apply online as soon as your client is ready to proceed
  4. Keep you and your clients updated throughout the administration process
  5. Pay your generous introducer fees on completion

By referring your annuity clients to Retirement Line, they will instantly be in the safest of hands with a company that prides itself in delivering good old-fashioned customer service together with modern technology.

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Our service leaves you with more time to focus on the more profitable side of your business, with the benefit of generous introducer fees paid to you each time a referred case of yours completes.

It really couldn’t be simpler, or faster!

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Did you know? Thanks to our specialist knowledge and access to some of the best rates on the market, your clients could achieve up to 75% more income than the amount offered to them by their current provider.

*Based on turnover

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