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Below is a selection of the latest industry and annuity news items from Retirement Line.

  • Using a Fixed Term Annuity to ‘cash out’ your fund25/07/2017

    If you're looking for a tax-efficient way to take your retirement income, a cash-based fixed term annuity could enable you to withdraw your fund over a set period of time, potentially minimising your tax payments.

  • Over a million savers missing out on higher income for life14/06/2017

    More than a million retirees have been potentially mis-sold annuities giving them far less income for life than they could have achieved elsewhere, a newspaper investigation has found.

  • Retirement Line reports boom in annuity sales following pension freedoms and Brexit02/05/2017

    Annuity specialist Retirement Line has revealed sales of fixed term annuities are up by 92% as retirees seek to ride out market volatility fueled by Brexit.

  • 10 amazing destinations to see, once retired25/04/2017

    Once you've retired, it's time to start thinking about what it is that you really want to do. If travel is on the top of that list, why not start a list of all of the places in the world that you have always dreamt of seeing in person?

  • Ideas For The Ultimate Retirement Bucketlist25/04/2017

    The key to having a healthy retirement, and enjoying yourself in the process, is keeping yourself busy. Research carried out by Skipton Building Society shows that one in five of us are worried that they won’t be fit enough to tick the items off their bucket list when they retire, whilst 43 per cent of people imagine their retirement years will be some of the most exciting of their life.

  • A quick guide to Annuities vs Drawdown25/04/2017

    If you are due to retire soon then you may currently be negotiating the minefield of pension options in front of you – and the choice you potentially face between annuities and drawdown products.

  • Recent annuity sales surpass Drawdown25/04/2017

    ABI data shows more annuities were sold than drawdown in the last quarter, with the total value of those sales now ‘nearly on a par’ with drawdown since the reforms came into effect.

  • Savers return to annuities in wake of market volatility24/04/2017

    Savers are gradually reverting back to the ‘safe haven’ of annuities according to eValue’s latest quarterly Pensions Freedom index*.

  • Retirement Line announces new business growth24/04/2017

    Retirement Line has seen its number of annuity enquiries double since April last year when the pension freedoms came into force, and have been undergoing controlled expansion of its team to keep up with the increased business.

  • Find your sea legs in 201624/04/2017

    The sales season of the holiday market is in full swing as hopeful holidaymakers rush to book some sunshine and the promise of a well earnt break. Despite a general trend towards later bookings and last minute deals, January is still the busiest month for the travel industry according to the Telegraph.

  • The best places to retire in the UK24/04/2017

    Many of us know what we want from our place of retirement - a beautiful view to wake up to, a pleasant climate, friendly neighbours, a low crime rate, easy access to healthcare and so on.

  • Beware of the tax man24/04/2017

    The Chancellor has delighted many people in giving greater flexibility in when and how to take their pension savings, even allowing all of it to be taken in cash. Tempting as it is to take the money, beware the sting in the tail

  • How much do you know about your pension options?24/04/2017

    Take our pension quiz to find out how much you know about your pension annuities and your options at retirement!

  • My health condition secured me a higher income for life24/04/2017

    You don’t have to be in terrible health to qualify for a higher income for life – Alan secured his enhanced annuity despite being a Channel swimmer!

  • What can you miss by shopping around yourself?24/04/2017

    Tempted to shop around for your annuity alone? Find out what you could be missing…

  • Retirement Line welcomes annuity crackdown24/04/2017

    Retirement Line has welcomed news that annuity providers will be required to inform customers how much they could gain by shopping around elsewhere, under plans announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Annuity providers forced to tell retirees if there’s a better deal elsewhere24/04/2017

    Annuity providers have been ordered by the Financial Conduct Authority to inform retirees how much more income they could achieve by shopping around for a better deal elsewhere.

  • Savers urged to get up-to-date fund value24/04/2017

    A record breaking streak for the FTSE 100 means prospective retirees might benefit by requesting an up-to-date fund value for their pension pot to assist with decision making.

  • 10 Ways to Boost Wellbeing in Retirement24/04/2017

    The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. You’ve packed up your belongings, said goodbye to your work colleagues and checked out of the office for good, but now what?

  • Death benefits: Protect your money – and your loved ones24/04/2017

    Did you know? The inclusion of lesser known death benefits can protect your money and those closest to you.

  • Rates soar over five-month period04/04/2017

    Retiring soon? We have some GREAT NEWS about rates!

  • Your Christmas Annuity Countdown18/11/2016

    If you are planning to retire at the end of this year and will be relying on a regular guaranteed income from your pension fund in retirement, then you might want to get a move on!

  • Annuity rates on the up PLUS an extra special offer for you04/11/2016

    Christmas has come early for customers of Retirement Line thanks to rising annuity rates across the industry PLUS a special annuity rate deal from one of the UK’s leading enhanced annuity providers.

  • Government backs annuities as secondary annuity market dropped04/11/2016

    The government has announced that it is abandoning its plan to create a market for secondary annuities because it could not guarantee customers would get good value for money and could be at risk due to a lack of competition.

  • ‘Renewed’ demand for annuities as sales soar02/11/2016

    Figures show that retirees are flocking to the safe haven of annuities despite the freedoms brought about by the pension reforms.

  • Pension provision: Have you considered your other half?28/10/2016

    Pillow talk is set to become a lot more serious for couples after some worrying results from a recent survey by Aegon.

  • No end to debt crisis for UK’s retirees28/10/2016

    Latest figures show that people in the UK are retiring with more debts than ever before.

  • “Getting a bigger retirement income was so straightforward”27/10/2016

    Retiring soon? Mike Worrall, a retired general manager, explains how getting a bigger income for life was ‘so straightforward’.

  • Why consider a Fixed Term Annuity?28/09/2016

    Looking to access your tax-free cash from 55? Or reduce the tax payable on taking your pension fund as a lump sum? Fixed term annuities are popular for so many reasons.

  • Could further rate cuts be on their way?13/09/2016

    The Bank of England made its first cut to the base rate in seven years in August 2016, and more cuts could be on their way if latest predictions are correct.

  • ‘Best news’ for Alzheimer’s drug trials in 25 years08/09/2016

    Scientists are on the way to introducing the first drug to fight against the symptoms of dementia – a potential game changer for the 850,000 people living with it in Britain.

  • Seven ways to get financially fitter this September30/08/2016

    For those of us approaching retirement, now is an ideal time to get our bodies and wallets in shape with a greater focus on our ‘financial fitness’.

  • Grandkids: Reducing screen time, making memories29/08/2016

    Those of us who are grandparents may understand the ongoing struggle to keep grandchildren entertained during visits – or more specifically, entertained without giving in to their demands to use their beloved electrical devices.

  • Fixed term annuities on the rise23/08/2016

    According to new figures released by Retirement Line, sales of fixed term annuities have surged by 67% in the last year. Here, we investigate how retirees are making the most of these innovative financial products.

  • Project Man Cave: fit for Retirement18/08/2016

    The days of your demanding career are behind you - your time to relax and unwind has arrived. But who says retirement means you have to slow down to a stop?

  • 7 in 10 missing out on bigger income for life26/07/2016

    Latest figures show 7 in 10 people who have accessed their pension following the 2015 pension reforms are missing out on a bigger income for life by not shopping around for their retirement income.

  • The pension trick that could save you thousands21/07/2016

    After years of working and earning a salary, once you have retired your pension pot is likely to become your main source of income

  • Preparing for your Pension Wise appointment18/07/2016

    If you are approaching retirement then you may have already heard about the government’s pension guidance service, Pension Wise.

  • Your ten-point plan for retirement14/07/2016

    If you are approaching retirement, you might be wondering what actions you can take now to make your transition into the next part of your life as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

  • Dealing with debt at retirement07/07/2016

    Worrying about loan and mortgage repayments on a limited income is hard enough, but for those of us approaching retirement, the stress can become all-consuming.

  • Brexit: Will retirees play it safe while markets stabilise?30/06/2016

    It’s been just one week since the shockwave of the Brexit result hit, but already the British stock market is showing strong resilience and the FTSE 100 index has increased by 14% since its lowest point of last Friday, 24th June, to its level in mid-afternoon one week later.

  • Could you be entitled to more than 25% tax-free cash?28/06/2016

    For many, the major perk of reaching 55 is being entitled to access the money in your pension fund if you want or need to.

  • What do retirees wish they had known?26/06/2016

    If given the chance, what retirement pitfalls do people wish they had avoided in hindsight? Those of us still planning our retirement are being offered lessons from those with the benefit of recent experience.

  • Revealed: The reasons behind retirees’ tax-free cash raid23/06/2016

    Thinking about accessing the 25% tax-free portion of your pension fund? A new report has revealed why today’s retirees are raiding their tax-free cash. Read more here:

  • Passing on your wealth: Don’t let your pension fund die with you16/06/2016

    For those approaching retirement, the main draw of an annuity is that it provides a guaranteed income for life, regardless of how long you go on to live. In return for your pension fund, you can enjoy the certainty of never outliving your resources; you will go on to receive your guaranteed income whether you live to 90, 100 or more.

  • Millions lost in unclaimed pensions14/06/2016

    Savers are being encouraged to track down their pension information before making any commitments to their retirement income.

  • Retirement Line supporting community projects31/05/2016

    Peterborough based company Retirement Line are seeking out charities and community groups in need of support to assist older people in and around the local area.

  • Fixed-Term Annuity vs Drawdown25/05/2016

    Deciding how to receive the money you have saved into your pension funds over your career is one of the most important financial decisions you will have to make.

  • Keep things simple with our Pension Jargon Buster16/05/2016

    We understand that for many people approaching retirement, the prospect of arranging your retirement income can seem daunting, not least because of all the complicated jargon and phrases that have become commonplace today.

  • The Bank of Mum and Dad12/05/2016

    New analysis and research by Legal and General shows that money supplied for house purchases by family members now amounts to £5billion annually.

  • Could your neighbour be getting almost £10k more than you?10/05/2016

    Older pensioners could be left almost £10,000 worse off after 20 years in retirement, thanks to a little known state pension divide.

  • Retirement Line sponsors local runner to achieve London Marathon dream05/05/2016

    Peterborough based Retirement Line has sponsored a rugby coach to run the London Marathon, ten years after he was told he might not walk again.

  • Annuity sales up by 30% one year after pension reforms29/04/2016

    Latest figures show almost a third more savers are flocking to the ‘safe haven’ of annuities, opting for the certainty of a guaranteed income over riskier drawdown products.

  • Pension Freedoms: One Year On28/04/2016

    It was widely forecasted that the introduction of greater flexibility for pensions in April 2015 would result in a spending spree on luxury cars.

  • Millions of older workers forced to delay retirement26/04/2016

    Millions of private sector workers in their 50s are having to postpone their retirement by eight years as a result of insufficient pension savings and high levels of debt, according to a report from Aviva.

  • What could the EU referendum result mean for British pensioners?21/04/2016

    The subject of ‘Brexit’ – or Britain’s exit from the European Union – is being widely and passionately debated ahead of the referendum this summer.

  • Get garden ready this spring!19/04/2016

    With winter well and truly behind us, now is the ideal time to get outside and start improving our gardens in anticipation of the warmer months ahead.

  • Best vs. worst annuity rates – don’t miss out on a bigger income for life14/04/2016

    One year on from the introduction of the chancellor’s pension freedoms, industry figures published have revealed annuities are enjoying a major revival in popularity.

  • Almost 40% of working over-60s have no idea of their fund value12/04/2016

    Around 1,665,000 of the UK’s over-60s working population are unaware of the value of their pension fund, new research conducted by wealth management firm Sanlam has revealed.

  • Protect yourself from pension scammers07/04/2016

    As more people access their savings flexibly since the reforms in April 2015, Retirement Line is working to raise awareness of scammers who could be seeking to cheat you out of your pension savings.

  • Comparing ‘apples with oranges’ – a costly mistake when reviewing your annuity quotes31/03/2016

    When you hit retirement age there is so much to do and decide, not least of all, how you will receive your retirement income and who from.

  • 86% of annuity enquirers qualify for enhanced terms29/03/2016

    New figures from the retirement income specialist Retirement Line have revealed 86 per cent of their annuity enquiries are from people who qualify for enhanced terms giving a higher income for life.

  • Why choose Retirement Line?24/03/2016

    When it comes to deciding on your pension options and who will provide your retirement income, you need to be absolutely confident in the company you get your information from.

  • How could the Budget affect your personal finances?22/03/2016

    Last week’s budget contained some important news for savers, particularly with the introduction of an exciting new ISA coming into place next year, which could see many more people encouraged to start saving, or save more, for their retirement.

  • Ten ways to… Boost your retirement finances17/03/2016

    Would you benefit from a cash injection in retirement? There are so many ways we can boost our finances, from saving on monthly bills to generating a cash lump sum or regular income.

  • How would you spend £17,250?10/03/2016

    Figures released by Retirement Line show the average tax-free lump sum amount that retirees are drawing from their pension pots is in excess of £17,250.

  • 80% could be worse off under New State Pension08/03/2016

    If you retire after the big reforms to the State Pension next month, chances are you will be worse off than under the current system

  • 'No more normal’ for retirement planning, survey finds08/03/2016

    The Pension and Lifetime Savings Association has published the first market-wide survey of who did what in the first six months of pension freedoms, revealing there is ‘no more normal’ when it comes to retirement income planning.

  • Top ten ways to spring clean your finances03/03/2016

    The official start of Spring is March 20th this year – so now could be the perfect time to take stock of your finances, especially with the new tax year starting on April 6th.

  • Retiring ‘good for your health’01/03/2016

    There’s great news for those of us in or approaching retirement – research shows it is good for our health to retire!

  • 10 Home Improvements Every Home Owner Should Consider26/02/2016

    As we approach retirement it is important to keep our properties updated and consider if any issues are in need of attention.

  • Almost three quarters of annuity sales non-advised, ABI finds16/02/2016

    The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has released figures showing almost three quarters of customers choose a non-advised service when purchasing their pension annuity. The data revealed that:

  • Are workers missing a trick when it comes to planning retirement?12/02/2016

    According to HSBC’s latest report, sixty-five per cent of pre-retirees surveyed would like to retire within the next five years if they could, yet financial pressures are so great that 18 per cent of these predict that they will never be able to retire fully.

  • Savers urged to shop around as annuity rates continue to fall04/02/2016

    2015 was a poor year for annuity rates, as low gilt yields and industry reforms took their toll on the market.

  • How to enjoy life while earning in retirement21/01/2016

    With the hype around auto enrolment in the UK, it seems that more and more Britons are now realising how crucial it is to not only have enough money in their pension pot for their post-working life, but also know how to enjoy that retirement when it comes.

  • Retirement travel ideas for 201620/01/2016

    Whether you have only recently retired and are itching to pack the sun lotion and towel for the first holiday of your post-work life, or you have already been travelling as a retiree for years, now is probably the time of year when you are plotting your trips for the coming 12 months.

  • How does the retirement age vary across Europe?19/01/2016

    With one international OECD study several years ago indicating that Britons have the shortest retirement of any major European Union country, you may be curious about when exactly many of your fellow Europeans retire.

  • How retirement trends have changed over the last 10 years16/01/2016

    In a world that is seemingly changing faster than ever, it shouldn't be a great surprise that the very nature of, and attitudes to retirement have also changed considerably over the last decade.

  • A step by step guide on getting ready for retirement15/01/2016

    When the time comes to start thinking about your retirement - which should happen at least a few years beforehand - you will naturally want to ensure that you make all of the right decisions, so that you are as financially and emotionally prepared as possible.

  • Retirement doesn't have to be scary!30/10/2015

    The thought of shopping around for the best retirement income may terrify you, but with the expert help of Retirement Line you can avoid the trick and treat yourself with the extra income we can secure for you.

  • Pension Scams Warning14/10/2015

    With your best interests in mind, following the recent pension reforms, we would make you aware of criminal activity by scammers to cheat people out of their pension savings.

  • Access Your Tax Free Cash and Income08/07/2014

    Limited time only* - enjoy the best of both worlds with the LV= Special Edition One Year Fixed Term Plan

  • FCA Warns Annuity Rates may be Affected by Delay24/04/2014

    The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has instructed companies like ours to inform our clients that delaying making a decision may affect the annuity rate they are offered.

  • Annuity Rates at a 2014 High24/04/2014

    The average annuity rate secured by Annuity Line this year stands at an impressive 6% pa*.

  • New One Year Annuity Launched24/04/2014

    LV= has launched an exciting new one year annuity to enable people to access their tax-free cash and receive an income - without having to make a commitment to a lifelong annuity.

  • What do the budget changes to pensions mean for you?13/04/2014

    In the recent budget, Chancellor George Osborne promised to deliver greater flexibility and choice in how people take their retirement incomes

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