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Government confirms its support for the Pensions Dashboards project

Pensions Dashboard

Following months of speculation, the project to create Pensions Dashboards is firmly back on the agenda. The Department for Work & Pensions recently published a feasibility report confirming that the government will facilitate an industry-led programme to make the concept a reality.

What are Pensions Dashboards?

Pensions Dashboards will allow UK pension savers to see details of their State Pension and other pension pots online. The aim is to save people the time involved in contacting multiple pension scheme providers for valuations. Dashboards could also reduce the number of people who lose touch with their pension schemes.

It is hoped that having up-to-date information may increase the amount people save for retirement. When they see projections confirming they aren’t saving enough, they might be more likely to act. With a recent survey finding that 24% of people admit to not saving anything for retirement, that would be a good thing.

Putting the project back on course

The government announced extra funding of £5 million in the October 2018 Budget, confirming its commitment to the concept. The industry then urged Amber Rudd, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, to prioritise the project.

Last month’s publication of the feasibility report is being followed by an eight-week consultation period. Retirement Line will provide what we believe will be valuable information to help inform decision making. 

The government then expects the new Single Financial Guidance Body to oversee an industry group through to implementation of the Pensions Dashboards.

Retirement Line’s contribution to the project

Retirement Line is involved in the project, with representatives of our IT team among members of the Origo Process and Standards group. Origo is one of the key development partners and is heavily involved in delivering the Pensions Dashboards project. Origo will have a direct impact on how the Dashboards will work, including the way that information is kept secure.

Anthony Rafferty of Origo says: “There is no doubt in my mind that the Pensions Dashboards will be instrumental in helping people to become more engaged with their pensions and also their retirement planning. With suitable controls and combined with education, guidance and advice, this initiative will be a massive catalyst to help consumers prepare for and, equally importantly, enjoy their retirement."

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