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Scam warnings for quotes and websites

Pension scam warnings for quotes and websites.

With your best interests in mind, following the recent pension reforms, we would make you aware of criminal activity by scammers to cheat people out of their pension savings. You should be on your guard against this type of fraud as once you have been tricked into transferring the money to  someone operating a scam it will usually be too late to do anything about it and as well losing all your savings,  you may also have to pay a hefty income tax bill as well!


Scammers will often try to rush you into a decision, offering you a limited “very attractive” investment opportunity.


We highly recommend that you only discuss your pension arrangements, such as the value of your pension savings, with a firm which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Authorised firms such as ours can be found on the FCA register on the FCA website. 

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