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Retirement travel ideas for 2016

Retirement travel ideas for 2016.

Whether you have only recently retired and are itching to pack the sun lotion and towel for the first holiday of your post-work life, or you have already been travelling as a retiree for years, now is probably the time of year when you are plotting your trips for the coming 12 months. 

Here are our favourite tips for stylish retirement holidaying in 2016. 

Sun yourself on the beach  

Why should the seaside just be for the youngsters? Nor might you even head to the world's coastlines just to sunbathe, with such spots as Legzira Beach in Morocco and Boulders Beach in the Cape Peninsula also serving up some truly spectacular scenery and wildlife. 

While many destinations like these provide opportunities for such bracing activities as scuba diving and jet skiing, you could always just rent a French Polynesian beach hut or luxury villa in Fiji or Tahiti and just snooze off with your beloved, as the sun disappears beyond the horizon.  

Explore the world's natural wonders 

We aren't just talking here about those sites that frequently appear on lists of the 'seven natural wonders of the world', such as the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef or Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, although those are fine places to start if you bucket list needs filling. 

That's because we are also talking everything from sprawling national parks to tranquil lakes and waters much closer to home. So why not pop over to the Lake District, the White Cliffs of Dover or Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland for your next retirement break? 

Embark on a cruise 

There can be few better bang-for-your-buck trips than clambering aboard any of the many floating homes that can treat you to the utmost in dining, entertainment and opulence as you journey across the seas from one incredible destination to the next. 

Whether you are most intrigued by the Caribbean, Alaska, the Mediterranean, the fjords of Norway or almost anywhere, there is sure to be a cruise package to suit. 

Clench your thirst for adventure 

If you have spent your career sat at a desk, answering telephone calls or hammering away at a computer, why would you want to be sedate on holiday as well? 

Trips to the remoter parts of the globe are ideal for such retirees, with opportunities abounding to mingle with locals on treks across Thailand or Costa Rica, spot penguins on the Falklands Islands or follow in the steps of Darwin on the Galapagos Islands. 

Wherever you go and whatever you do on your retirement travels in 2016, be sure to enjoy yourself - after all, you've earned it! 

But if you are still working and the above has whetted your appetite to explore your retirement options in the next year or so, please speak to Retirement Line so we can help you to make the most informed decisions.

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