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Why Retirement Line?

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Why choose Retirement Line?

Why choose Retirement Line?

When it comes to deciding on your pension options and who will provide your retirement income, you need to be absolutely confident in the company you get your information from.

Despite saving up your pension fund over your career with one or more providers, you do not have to purchase your pension annuity from that provider. You have the right to shop around for a better deal for your money – and this is where Retirement Line can help.

So when you choose Retirement Line’s service, what exactly will you be getting? Find out here…

  • We are the largest
    Retirement Line is the UK's largest broker specialising in annuities alone (by turnover). As a result, providers regularly offer us preferential rates for our clients, so you could enjoy a bigger retirement income through us. We work with the UK’s leading annuity providers including Aviva, Just Retirement, LV, Partnership, and many others.
  • You are in the driving seat
    Throughout your retirement income journey your specialist will provide all the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your individual circumstances, and you can take as much time as you need to make your decision, there is never any pressure to proceed. 
  • Get the whole story
    As specialists in our field it is our duty to make sure you get all the facts, so your dedicated specialist will explain everything to you and answer all your questions in a jargon-free language that you understand.
  • We’ll shop around for you
    We search for the best rates for you from the UK’s leading annuity providers. By going direct to a provider you will miss out on this ‘shopping around’ service – which could get you thousands of pounds more income over your retirement.
  • Free bespoke report
    Your specialist will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of your retirement income options and present all their findings to you in your free, bespoke retirement options report.
  • Regulated
    For your safety, it is recommended you only discuss your pension arrangements with a firm authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Retirement Line's details can be found on the financial services register, number 503004.
  • We make it easy
    Collected a few different pension pots along your career? No problem. We can consolidate your individual pension pots into one larger fund to help get you a better rate on your pension annuity.
  • We are in the know
    Retirement Line’s specialists are experts in the field of retirement income and know all the right questions to ask in order to help find you a better rate on your annuity. That is why a huge 86% of Retirement Line’s enquirers qualify for enhanced terms – resulting in a bigger income for life! Our specialists receive regular medical underwriting training to ensure they glean the minutest medical details which is so important in securing the highest enhanced terms, as well as training on the latest industry reforms and new products.
  • There for you
    From the moment you choose Retirement Line, you will have a dedicated specialist available for you every step of the way, with a direct number to reach them. We will work to find you the best deal, arrange everything on your behalf and keep you updated throughout the process; it’s an unbeatable service tailored to your needs.

Ready to get things started?

If you are 55 or over then you may now be considering how to utilise the money in your pension fund, either in the build-up to your retirement or as part of your imminent retirement plans.

Don’t delay – speak to one of our retirement income specialists today and request your free retirement income options pack! Call 0800 652 1316.

Retirement Line work on a non-advised basis.  Ifyou are at all unsure of which options suit you, you should seekregulated advice.

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